Liza pin stripes motorcycles and has for years. She has a great body of work and these are only samples of her work. If you are looking for professional pin striping with work done at a world class level, then look no further, Liza does world class work.
* Note we rarely do on site work and almost never pin strip at shows. Liza’s quality of work and standards just will not allow it. Think about if for a minute, would  have your bike spray painted in an open dusty field  you?

Cool Bikes from all over


Liza does painted work on Bikes, not air brushing, these and all designs you see are brush painted.

Ed’s Bike and more in Florida

Aqua HD and more

Sporty’s we we do them too…

Scooters always need a little love…

Scott’s Bike was show winner thru out Florida


Even bikes that are clocked at 187.3 MPH on the Gandy need a little something at times.

Can Am Spyders are cool…

Trikes…Yikes, Liza does these too!

Gold Leaf and Silver leaf are always a custom touch to any bike.

Lettering on your bike not a problem, almost looks like from the factory.



Helmets and other stuff…



Signs by Liza Pinstriping and Signs Dunedin Florida

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